Affordable House Cleaning Rates

What’s the Cost of a Professional Cleaning Service?

The cost of for a professional cleaning service depends on a number of variables including the size of your home and the type of service you choose. For the most accurate estimate, please call (818) 860-9045 to connect with M&I Maids today. An estimate takes approximately 15-20 minutes and happens at your home. The cleaning estimate is 100% free – no obligation, no strings attached! Affordable House Cleaning

Different levels of cleaning service include:

  • Weekly Cleaning Service
  • Every Other Week Cleaning Service
  • Monthly Cleaning Service
  • One Time Cleaning (i.e., moving in, moving out, special event)

Hiring professional cleaning services from M&I Maids is a cost-effective way of keeping your home clean and spending your time the way you want. Should you choose M&I Maids for a recurring professional cleaning service, the initial clean of your home will be a deep clean and bring your home to a maintenance level. This will be charged hourly; M&I Maids will be able to provide an estimate of hours and cost at your initial consultation.

At the consultation, you can expect the following:

Tour of your home: You and a M&I Maids representative will walk through your home, and we’ll explain how each area will be cleaned.

Cleaning estimate: At the end of the tour, you will be provided an estimate sheet that will outline the costs of a weekly or alternate weekly clean.

Affordable House Cleaning by M & I Maids