Cleanings Customized for You

Specific Rooms, Areas of Emphasis, You Name It!

Custom cleaning services from M&I Maids are flexible. We design cleaning packages based on your cleaning preferences, desired frequency for home cleanings and your budget. No contracts. No hassle.

Cleanings Customized for You

Many want cleaning to be done according to their preferences. For example, to:

  • use certain green cleaning products
  • make reducing allergens a special focus (extra dusting and washing for allergies)
  • use disinfectants on a limited schedule

Or to not:

  • clean a certain room
  • dust the antique dresser in the foyer
  • Well, after all, it’s your home—that’s why housekeeping cleaning services from M&I Maids are flexible.

Your preferences and special requests are folded into our time-tested M&I Maids cleaning methodology, to create a custom cleaning plan that will be in the hands of any team that shows up to clean your home or apartment, so you get the kind of clean you want, every time.

Customized Scheduling for You

There’s flexibility built in to scheduling. Most of our customers prefer weekly and bi-weekly housekeeping cleaning services. But we schedule cleaning team visits with any regularity you prefer, including one-time cleanings for special occasions. Learn more about our flexible house cleaning schedules.

Flexibility for Your Budget

By working with you to find the right schedule and cleaning plan, we provide custom cleaning services that fit your budget. If your budget changes, let us know. We’ll find the best way for you to get more service (and more free time), or the best way to reduce your expenditure with the least noticeable difference in your level of service.

Set up a free in-home estimate by contacting your local M&I Maids or by calling (818) 860-9045 today.